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 FREE video series shares:

1. Songs of the Avant que j’oublie live school presentation 

2. Study guide (for preparing students)

3. Sample timetable schedules (for contact person)

4. Workshop choices including:

        wooden spoons, wooden dancing men, community dances

5.  Free trial to a members only online resource

This program has been shared and developed with over 1 million students over 30 years

Meet a couple of real Voyageurs and help them get ready for a great adventure.  What do they need to bring? How do they prepare themselves? Paddle into the great Canadian wilderness in a birch bark canoe and trade furs with a native elder. Discover how maple sugar was found.  Head back the fort for a “Rendez Vous” to take part in some traditional festivities.  This is where you learn to play the spoons, wooden dancing men, line dancing and square dancing. Everyone takes part in this great celebration of life.  Les Bucherons create a memorable experience that shares Canadian history and French Canadian culture – THE FUN WAY

The One Day Residency Program is effective in getting the students to participate
and walk away with a skill, a success, a memory and an open attitude towards
cultural activities and participation in general.


Vive Les Bucherons!

I am a teacher at Mary Butterworth Junior High School in North Edmonton and I have had the pleasure of working with Les Bucherons for over 10 years now. My students call me a Bucheron groupie! This word of thanks and recognition however is long overdue. I am happy to say that Les Bucherons have been yearly visitors to our school. My students in FSL 7, 8 and 9 have been involved in everything from workshops and presentations to the artist in residency program and year end trips to Cabine Soleil. Whatever we do or wherever we are, we are always greeted with warm smiles and made to feel like part of their extended family. To quote one of my grade 9 students from last year after leaving Cabine Soleil “it was so relaxed there and everyone is so nice”. Being Junior high, it is often difficult for some students to get passed the “I am too cool for French attitude”, but from the moment, Les Bucherons walk through the door their enthusiasm and willingness to put themselves out there is so infectious that it soon has my students stepping outside their comfort zone and getting fully involved. What an amazing sight to see. Not only are they great to work with, but they are also extremely supportive when it comes to working within a school budget and helping to fundraise for French programs within the school. Les Bucherons definitely hold a place of honor at Mary Butterworth School. We look forward to many more fun-filled experiences with them

Rachelle Cyr
Mary Butterworth School